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Roger Linn Design
Roger Linn Design Roger Linn is a designer of electronic music products, best known for his invention of the first programmable, sampled-sound drum machine, the LM-1 Drum Computer, in 1979. Manufactured by his company Linn Electronics, the LM-1 and its successors, the LinnDrum and Linn9000, were used on countless hit records during the 1980s. Following the close of Linn Electronics in 1986, he partnered with the Japanese Akai company to create the MPC60 and MPC3000 MIDI Production Centers, combining sampling drum machines with real-time MIDI sequencers. These products became industry standards in the production of hip-hop, rap, dance and related music styles throughout the 1990s. In 2002, he founded Roger Linn Design. As a guitarist, his first product the AdrenaLinn is a digital sound processor for guitar that provides a variety of innovative methods for filtering the guitar signal rhythmically, all in sync to an internal drumbeat or to MIDI, and also providing guitar amp modeling. The AdrenaLinn II, released in August 2003, added many enhancements as well as a simplified user interface. Apart from his music product career, Roger is a guitarist and songwriter, having co-written hits for Eric Clapton ("Promises", 1979) and Mary Chapin Carpenter ("Quittin' Time", 1991), and having toured as a guitarist with the pianist/songwriter Leon Russell in the 70s at age 21. He currently lives in Berkeley, California, and plays for fun with a few ensembles around the San Francisco bay area. You can see him playing traditional Italian songs on mandolin at Berkeley's Caffe Trieste every Monday night from 7 to 9 p.m. He also hosts the Rog Mahal Concert Series at his home, providing an intimate venue for creative musicians of various styles of music.
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1/8/2007 AdrenaLinn III is shipping!
AdrenaLinn III is not just another stomp box but rather an innovative professional tool for those who want to express their musical creativity through new and unique sounds. Although it accurately provides the classic amp and effects sounds you've grown to love over the years, AdrenaLinn III journeys much farther afield into new and uncharted territory, providing a wide palette of unique and creative tools to transform ordinary guitar parts into something truly extraordinary.
Features Beat-Synched Modulation/Filter Effects, plus Filter Sequencer & Random Filters;40 Superb Guitar Amplifier Models;Beat-Synched Delay and Delay Loops;Programmable Drum Machine;Plus Reverb, Compression, Noise Gate and Tuner... More specifications on Modularsquare product page... Upgrades for AdrenaLinn I or II to AdrenaLinn III are also available.

11/7/2007 Roger Linn AdrenaLinn III
Roger Linn AdrenaLinn III soon available...