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Macbeth Ken Macbeth-"Since I started, I've made about 15 synths six or seven of them what I would call professional units. I made a modular with a three-oscillator bank, in a 3U rack. On top there was a 4U block with one oscillator, a noise generator, Moog filter and two shapers. The bottom piece was a complex ring modulator, with noise gating, compression, and a control voltage section. A friend of mine has a rack with about 20-24 units of this stuff I can't remember exactly how big it is!
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21/5/2007 Macbeth introducing the M5N !
...Word got out that Macbeth was to run M5s that had a few changes- notably the panel colour... There have been some refinements in this design of the M5N instrument including yet further tightening of the of the transistor based Envelope Generators- on the 'FAST' setting- the Attack/Decay/Release parameters have been shortened by some milliseconds to produce our 'snappiest' envelopes to date. On the contrary- the 'SLOW' setting has these same parameters generating constants of up 5 minutes in rise and fall times...great for slow evolving ambient movements... Both Filters have been subject to far greater signal to noise ratios providing clean and equal outputs due to improved output stages using a combination of different parts...