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Future Retro
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Future Retro
Future Retro "Future Retro was established in 1996 by Jered Flickinger with the help of Jon Flickinger . I have always had a great love for electronic music, analog synthesizers, and the all the pioneers in electronic music. Growing up listening to such groups as Jarre, Kraftwerk, LFO, Front 242, New Order and many more, these groups opened my eyes to the possibilities of electronic music. At the age of 14 I started experimenting with making electronic music, as well as DJing. After graduation I went on to music engineering school, and shortly after became a resident DJ in the club scene for five years, as well as working in music stores, and record shops. During this time I started modifying and building synthesizers, which led to the development of the 777 and the start of Future Retro. "
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21/5/2007 Futureretro XS Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer
Coming in 2007, the new XS from Future Retro. The XS is a true semi-modular analog synthesizer with a universe of sonic possibilities just waiting to be discovered.