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eurorack modules
4ms Pedals has been designing and building innovative audio electronics for experimental musicians since 1996. Are your pedals playing you? From chaotic noise generators that confound attempts to make the same sound twice, to digital patch bays that are played like an instrument, to feedback-looped multi-effects with over 100 knobs, to insanely unique guitar pedals, we offer alternatives to the traditional musician-instrument relationship. All of our gear is built by hand in our studio: soldering the printed circuit boards, drilling and applying artwork to the enclosures, and tweaking each unit by ear and oscilloscope. Most of our work is custom built per the musician's specific needs, although we also build in small batches to dealers. We take time to apply unique artwork to our larger pieces, employing a variety of techniques from digital collage, powder-coating, hand-painting, jeweling, and caustic abrasive destruction.
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