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Qubit electronix
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eurorack modules
Qubit electronix >eurorack modules

Octone Octone
Pitch and gate sequencer
359 € incl. VAT add to cart
Wave Wave
Polyphonic Sample Player
529 € incl. VAT add to cart
Chance Chance
Random voltage generator and noise source
279 € incl. VAT add to cart
Chord Chord
429 € incl. VAT add to cart
envelope, oscillator, and noise
175 € incl. VAT add to cart
Nano Rand (Black) Nano Rand (Black)
215 € incl. VAT add to cart
Nano Rand (Silver) Nano Rand (Silver)
215 € incl. VAT add to cart
NebulŠ (Black) NebulŠ (Black)
audio file player and granular oscillator
499 € incl. VAT add to cart
Pulsar Pulsar
Burst generator
315 € incl. VAT add to cart
RT60 (Black) RT60 (Black)
stereo multi-effects
230 € incl. VAT add to cart
RT60 (Silver) RT60 (Silver)
230 € incl. VAT add to cart
Tone Tone
Quad VCF
309 € incl. VAT add to cart
Tri-ger Tri-ger
359 € incl. VAT add to cart

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